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24 Aug
till 25 Aug

Atmanov Kulachki (Fisticuffs) Traditional Games

Atmanov Fisticuffs Traditional Games are a type of Russian fun that represents the only preserved authentic Russian traditional games recreated after almost a 10-year-old break.   

Traditionally, children start the fisticuffs followed by teens and adults as a final part.  The goal of the fight is to chase the other competing team to their side of the village. As soon as the goal is achieved, the fight stops. The final part of the fisticuffs is the conciliation that takes place at the common meal.

The main focus of the holiday is on the big kulachki (wall-to-wall fist fighting), organized according to the popular rules, and Boyar Wheel kuragod festival including contests among accordion players, dancers and chastushka (humorous rhyme) singers. Besides, the program of the games includes other competitions in Russian ethnosport disciplines and competitions in traditional amusements. Being a part of the folklore festival, traditional Atmanov Fair offers handicraft items, souvenirs and sampling of dishes of Tambov cuisine.