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04 Nov

“Muchkap-Shapkino-nice!” International Marathon

It has become a good tradition to hold “Muchkap-Shapkino. Nice!” international marathon. The marathon is a celebration of unity, culture, sports and health not only for the locals but also for guests who come from other places in various regions of our country and as well as fans of running from foreign countries.

The races are 42.195 km, 21.0975 km and 10 km long. There is a VIP distance of 1055 meters long for beginners and those who just want to join the race but are not yet ready to compete with the professionals. The youngest participants will a “sweet race” of their own.

More than 1000 people participate in the marathon every year. The results of the races are officially registered and are included into athletes’ ratings.

The marathon has a lot of spectators and fans. It’s not only the marathon that attracts tourists to Muchkapsky village. Its numerous architectural monuments are worth seeing.