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Тамбовская область
18 May

“Kukarekino” Egg Festival

The guests of Tambov Egg Festival are welcomed by the symbols of the holiday “Cockerel” and “Egg” and taken to the playgrounds, trade fair and handicraft stalls. The images of the main symbols of the festival decorate souvenirs, such as key rings, fridge magnets, notebooks and many other things offered at the festival.

The central square is going to be decorated with the Egg Tree that you can decorate with an egg and make a wish. The strong and brave ones can challenge themselves in “egg” competitions: “Catch a chicken against the clock”, “Chicken knight fights”, “Egg-throwing championship”, “Catch an egg!”, “Egg bowling” and many more. The small and stylish can take part in the contest to win the titles of Mr. and Mrs. Cutie-Pie. Kukarekino festival also offers a master class of eggshell handicraft making. The art objects of the festival will work as a great background for your excellent photos.       

At the festival, you can buy poultry as well as other products of poultry farming. The chefs of the trade fair will surprise the guests with dishes cooked with eggs and a huge plate of fried eggs for anyone who would want to have a bite.