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Тамбовская область
24 Aug

Festival of “Russian Savior Feasts”

August is a generous month. It is in August when the most beloved summer church holidays are celebrated: Savior of the Honey Feast Day, Savior of the Apple Feast Day and Savior of the Nut Feast Day. What a great opportunity to feast on what has ripened in the forests, gardens and fields.

The festival will combine the traditions of all three Feast Days at once. The holiday fair in the main square of the village will welcome its guests with traditional dish sampling. Various apple dishes and compotes (stewed fruit or berry drinks prepared with sugar or in a syrup and served hot or cold) are going to be cooked here in big pots with round-bellied samovars (a metal urn for making tea) puffing next to them.  

Open-air areas will keep everyone busy. Traditional Russian doll and makovechik (bouquets of flowers and herbs) making master classes will be interesting for children while adults can spend their time fortune telling on apples, nuts and spikelets. Don’t forget to buy souvenirs in the craft aisles and to take a selfie in one of the photo zones.