22/1, Naberezhnaya Str., Tambov +7 (4752) 63-64-68
Тамбовская область

Okhotnichi Prostory Hunting Seat

19, Sovetskaya Str., Kirsanov, Tambov region
+7 (909) 231-85-29, (47537) 3-44-45

All kinds of flora can be found on the territory of the hunting farm: pine and deciduous forests, oak underwood, small-leaved  bushes,  meadows and swamps. The forests are rich in berries and mushrooms. Raspberry and wild strawberry are the most spread kinds of berry. Boletus, Lactarius deliciosus, brown cap boletus, milk mushroom, yellow boletus, agaric honey and a dozen of other varieties of the tastiest mushrooms of local names are typical for this area. There are many gamebirds by the swamps.        

The Vorona with its scenic banks runs across the woodlands. There are plenty of spots for outdoor activities suitable as for the lovers of quiet and secluded leisure (fishermen and tourists) who enjoy the wonderful places of protected nature so as for the fans of family holidays who will definitely appreciate a number of beaches with flat banks. If you seek for fishing opportunities, here you will most probably fish the sheatfish, pike, bream, freshwater cod, zander, roach, redeye, perch, carp and grass carp.      

The main fur-bearing animals are the moose, wild boar, beaver, hares, fox, marten, etc. The game bird includes the goose, duck and woodcock.     

Two options of accommodation are available here – comfortable cottages (billiards, banya, bathrooms included) and the accommodation for the fans of stove heating and outdoor facilities. Beginners are suggested to use the shooting gallery and a helping hand in arranging gun optics and gun dog training. The lucky ones can order their take to be cooked, cut and frozen or made a trophy of.