22/1, Naberezhnaya Str., Tambov +7 (4752) 63-64-68
Тамбовская область

ReGion 68 Adventure Holiday Club

K1 (near the Moose Family monument), Prigorodny Forestry, Tambov Forestry settlement, Tambov region
+7 (915) 877-70-77

Mon-Sun 08:00-23:00

For some people shooting is a popular hobby, for others it is a practical necessity while some people prefer it as a way to express their emotions. 

The main game of ReGion 68 is paintball. The club is based in Tambov suburbs but it also organizes off-premise team competitions in Tambov region: in Rasskazovo, Michurinsk, Kotovsk and Uvarovo.  

One can learn the basics of how to handle a gun in the shooting classes organized in the shooting gallery of the club. Here under the guidance of experienced instructors you will not only spend your time in an amusing way but you can practice as shooting develops movement coordination, strengthens muscles of the back and arms. 

Besides, the club suggests playing airsoft game. This game is similar to paintball although experienced airsoft game players will probably find more differences than similarities between them.

You can book a game by phone and if you feel like having a professional photo and video shoot, the club staff will arrange it for you.