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Merchant Gimpelson’s house

At the end of the 19th century the building with a bright façade facing Tambov Arbat belonged to merchant Gimpelson. The two-storey mansion decorated with columns and an arch was used by the businessman as his own residence. Although the ground floor was rented out. 

Gimpelson’s store was famous all over Tambov as the store to buy any type of outwear, underwear or furs from. The shopping rooms in his residence were well-known as well. The ground floor of the merchant’s house was occupied by the most famous in town pharmacy owned by pharmacist Lan. Alfred Lan rented the ground floor of the building in 1890. Businesslike pharmacist sold not only medications but also chemicals including photo reagents, as well as photo cameras and objective lenses for them.   

Flex discount system was operating in the pharmacy. Plus, the service was first-class. The interior of the pharmacy was designed in art nouveau style while the cash desks were arranged in the shape of small cozy bowers. The furniture was all made of the noble ebony surrounded by the original lamps.    

Lan poured his mixtures into his special bottles with his unique prescription labels attached to them – the printing art masterpieces. Talking about printing art, the pharmacy also offered the best souvenir postcards with Tambov views in them.

The building hasn’t lost its initial purpose until today and still has a pharmacy on the ground floor.

18, Kommunalnaya Str., Tambov, Tambov region
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