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Tambov-Saratov railroad that passes through Kirsanov did not only bring liveliness to the town but to its significant economic growth. The railway station in Kirsanov opened in 1870 as a part of the bigger Tambov-Saratov railroad. The station building was erected in 1871 and is still operating today holding the status of a monument of architecture. 

Kirsanov station received its first passengers and cargo in 1875. According to a local legend, the station could not have initially even been here. Originally, Saratov-Moscow railroad was planned without Kirsanov as one of its passing stops. Local merchants whose business involved grain trade dreamt of expanding the geography of their trade so they suggested sponsorship of the construction of the branch line to pass through Kirsonov.

According to the recollections of locals, the station cafeteria had a huge five-bucket samovar (a metal urn for making tea, in which the water is heated esp formerly by charcoal held in an inner container or nowadays more usually by electricity). Today, the station building is listed as a monument of architecture but it is equipped with up-to-date warning means and meets modern standards. Despite the large-scale reconstruction of the building, workers did their best to keep it as authentic as possible. Visitors have a great chance to see a unique old Russian stove on the second floor of the building.

Privokzalnaya square, Kirsanov, Tambov region
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