The church of Great Martyr St. Demetrius of Thessalonica

The legend has it that Khmelevoye village was founded in 1636-1637 as a sentry post on Valuyki-Voronezh Road. The village got its name after the hop bushes (“khmel” – hop) growing abundantly in the woods near the village. The first settlers were people from Ryazan province.      

The wintertime three-altar church was built in Novo-Khmelevaya Sloboda (the former name of the village) in 1897. The funds came from the parishioners. The main altar was consecrated in honor of Great Martyr Demetrius of Thessalonica, the side altars – in honor of St. Nicholas of Myra and Kazan icon of the Mother of God. There was also a parish school with only one classroom and a refectory by the church. Back then the church was in possession of the Vladimir icon of the Mother of God that was worshiped by the locals.

The church was closed after the revolution in 1919. During the World War II the main part of the church was destroyed. The remained walls and the base were demolished in 1952.     

The new stone one-altar church of Great Martyr Demetrius of Thessalonica was founded in the village in 2006. A year later, cupolas and crosses were consecrated and raised onto the dome and bell tower. 

The church was consecrated on the patron saint's day in 2010. The new church looked exceptionally ornate with its facade painted in bright-red color and the entrance decorated with murals and framed by four columns. There is also a park near the church.  

85 A, Balakhova Str., Staroye Khmelevoye village, Michurinsk district, Tambov region
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