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Vozdvizhenskoye cemetery

Vozdvizhenskoye cemetery is one of the oldest functioning cemeteries in town. The first burial places in the area of the present day Vozdvizhenskoye cemetery date back to the beginning of the 18th century. The cemetery got its name after the Church of the Exaltation of the Cross that used to be located in its place. 

The territory of the cemetery is surrounded by a high brick wall. Today there is a park in front of the main entrance where the church used to be. In 2004, a chapel was built in this park – the chapel commemorating the soldiers, Tambov natives, who died during the military operation in Chechen Republic in the 1990s-2000s. The chapel was consecrated in the name of St. George the Victorious. Two granite slabs with the names of the deceased in Chechnya Tambovians engraved on them were arranged next to the doors of the chapel.

A significant part of the cemetery is occupied by the memorial and military burials of the soldiers and officers who died of their wounds in Tambov military hospital during the years of the World War II. The military burials are located along the two alleys.   

Historically, a burial in Vozdvizhenskoye cemetery was considered to be very prestigious. Before the revolution, the cemetery had the necropolises of many Tambov noble families, prominent members of the clergy and merchant class. Among the family graves of the Tsarist era at Vozdvizhenskoye cemetery there are the graves of the famous Tambov noblemen: the Kolobovs, the Orlov-Davydovs, the Satins, the Voyeykovs, the Volkonskys, the merchants Malins and Anosovs. After the revolution many of the rich and artistically significant gravestones were destroyed, numerous monuments were either broken or used repeatedly with other names and surnames engraved on them. At present, the central part of the cemetery is occupied by the graves of the first persons of Tambov and Tambov region.         

Reverend Martha, highly respected in and outside of Tambov, was canonized and buried near the altar of Vozdvizhensky cemetery church in September, 1801, in presence of a great number of people. From then on until the church and significant part of the cemetery itself were destroyed during the Soviet years, believers kept on coming to St. Martha’s grave. In 2005, the relics of the reverend Martha were transferred to Tambov Ascension Convent. But people keep attending her cemetery burial place.        

An important event for Tambov took place at the cemetery in 1952. It was the burial of the famous composer, military conductor, author of “On the Hills of Manchuria” waltz, Ilya Alexeyevich Shatrov.

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