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Dormition church in Perkino

Large and old Perkino village was founded by palace peasants in the turn of the 16th century. Originally, Perkino villagers started their settlement over the Tsna River in the forest area. Only later they began settling the left bank of the river as well. The parish was organized in the village in 1794. There is an interesting legend about the first church in Perkino built at the western part of the village.  

The locals say that the church was built at the lakeside that still exists at present. The lake is located in about 200 m away from the road that connects Perkino village and A-143 “Tambov-Shatsk” highway. According to one version of the legend, the church sank in the lake, another version says that it collapsed right into the lake. It is unclear whether any of these legends are true or not. But since the olden times locals call it “Holy”.     

The summertime three-altar Dormition church was built in 1896 but in the 1930s it was burnt down.

The decision to build a new church in Perkino was made in 2002. There are three altars in the church but only one of them is consecrated. The small church composition includes a quadrangle crowned with a low tent and a cupola. The small cozy church with a two-level belfry and small dome surrounded by tall pine trees looks like a toy building. The church premises are well-equipped and surrounded by a metal fence.

388, Centralnaya Str., Sosnovka district, Tambov region
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