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The Petrovo-Solovovos’ country estate in Andrianovka

Vasily Mikhailovich Petrovo-Solovovo was a public figure, a politician, a member of the 3rd State Duma from Tambov province. In Andrianovka his family owned a manor house some remains of which can be seen today.  

Vasily was married to Sophia, the prince and Moscow mayor Alexander Shcherbatov’s elder daughter. Vasily had held a position of the honorary magistrate of Tambov uyezd. In 1887-1908 (until his death) he was a Tambov district marshal of nobility. Being a writer of political essays as well, he published them in “Russian bulletin”, headed the Tambov branch of recreated “Union of October 17” and in 1906 he was elected as a member of Moscow Central committee of this party.        

Petrovo-Solovovo owned several gorgeous mansions in St. Petersburg but he often visited his country estates and led an active life in the province. His estate in Andrianovka flourished before the revolution. After 1917, one of the mansions housed the General Executive Committee of the Commune. The locals recalled that during the Pancake week the “barin” loved to visit his country estate. He used to give presents to his servants and the housekeeper’s family. He used to organize festivities with horse riding, pancakes and mead. One day the snow had melted by the Pancake week and the barin ordered to cover the slope and the paths for horse riding with sugar. There was a wonderful well-attended grove and a pine tree alley. In 1925, the estate was included into the registry of architecture monuments protected by the State. Sadly, it was too late – the estate had already been ransacked and many building had been burnt to the ground. 

There is a place near Andrianovka at the Vorona River called paradisal. The legend says that the stairs made of marble led from the manor house sitting on the mountain to the oak alley at the bank of the Vorona River. However, no confirming facts have remained but only a few old oaks striken by lightning. They say, it was Vasily Petrovo-Solovov’s one of the most loved places to relax.

Andrianovka village, Muchkap district, Tambov region
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