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Lodygin’s estate

The magnificent estate belonging to the oldest noble family Lodygins was situated in Stenshino village of Lipetsk uyezd (today’s Petrovsky district) of Tambov province.

Anexander Lodygin (1847-1923) is an outstanding Russian inventor of the incandescent lamp with tungsten filament  which is a widely-used electrical item even today.  

For many talented people who made a considerable contribution to the Russian history the provincial exclusive world of a noble family’s estate had always been a place of secluded contemplation, mental and creative search, a unique sociolization mechanism of a nobleman’s personality to social and cultural activity. The perfection of an estate both by the method of image creation and by its spiritual content, original openness of the estate culture to the dialogue with esthetics, art, religion and philosophy endow it with a special status – the status of a man-made oasis. The unquestionable decoration of the estate was its church. The estate ensemble was an example of a combination of the regularly-scenic lay-out structure of the park and the greenery in the landscape. The palace and park ensemble had a regular-shaped lay-out. The alleys and the plantation along the perimeter included fir, thuja, larch, various species of pine trees, etc. Unfortunately, only ruins are left of the estate. But a lot of century-old trees including exotic ones still grow in the park.        


Stenshino village, Petrovsky district, Tambov region
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