Tezikov bridge

Tezikov or Pervomaysky pedestrian bridge is Thrown across the Tsna river. The bridge got its name from Sergeyev-Tsensky Street that goes to the right from the bridge. The street used to be known as Tezikovskaya Street for quite a while. It used to start from the left bank of Erika canal not far from the bridge. The merchants that used to cross this bridge were called teziks.

Today the bridge is pedestrian. On the other side from the bridge, there is a great number of country houses, beaches and skiing stadium in Druzhba Park. The stadium is open year-round: in winter – for skiers, in summer – for cyclists, track and field athletes, skaters, tennis and volleyball players. Visitors can enjoy a game of beach volleyball, mini-football and tennis, a skiing or cycling race as well as roller skating. All the equipment is available for rent in the park.

Naberezhnaya Str., Tambov
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