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Tambov “Hydra”

An unusual technical monument, Tambov “Hydra”, is located on the channel of the Tsna River in the suburban area of Tambov at the place where there is a dam regulating the overflow water from the channel of the Tsna River into the main watercourse. It is actually situated a kilometer away from the Tsna riverside at the intersection with Rasskazovo road. Here an old red-brick building is towering over the banks sheathed with old iron.          

A mill was built here in 1886 and a small hydroelectric power plant was constructed here in 1912. And that’s where the popular nickname “hydra” came from.  

The hydroelectric power plant had stopped functioning by the middle of the 20th century. Later, as a result of the mass change in favor of other sources of electric energy, there was no need of the power plant anymore. It had dilapidated completely by 1960 and the generator had been stolen. The old-timers say that the generator was of a very rare model made in Germany.

The building is not typical for Tambov but the place itself is interesting enough both for the industrial tourism and for walks in Tambov suburbs.

The Tsna River, Tambov, Tambov region
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