The spring of St. Nicholas

Experts in local history consider the spring of St. Nicholas (Dubovskoy holy well) in the neighborhood of Lychnoye village one of the oldest sacred springs in Tambov. The legend says that it appeared hundreds of years ago in pre-Christian times. The people living in the neighborhood used to get together here to celebrate pagan holidays, dance and have fun.   

One day, the icon of St. Nicholas was found near the spring. To honor this remarkable event there was an annual religious procession arranged to the chapel near the sacred well. The spring was developed with the funds of the believers. A fence was put around it and a wooden roof with a cross above it. More and more pilgrims from the nearby and faraway villages kept visiting this place every year.   

In 1924, the authorities decided to close the spring once and for all. But despite the fact that it was ordered to bury the spring under the ground, it survived. The place was cleared out and later the believers installed a concrete ring around the spring with the words saying: “There are not many such springs. Please, take care of it and keep it clean”. Just like in olden times, the aqua vitae keeps healing those who believe.          

Today, the territory of the spring has been equipped with the necessary facilities: a tent with a dome crowned with a large gilded cross, convenient concrete stairs. The old concrete ring with the words was topped with another one. The water gutter has been improved too. Next to the well they arranged pools for dousing with cold holy water. Both entrances to the well are decorated with the carved white doves. Locals have brought icons here, so now it looks like a small church where the main sacred object is the healing spring.

Lychnoye village, Pervomaysky district, Tambov region
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