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Sukhotinsky Znamenka Convent

Sukhotinsky convent was one of the most famous convents in Tambov. 30 km away from Tambov, at the bank of the Naru-Tambov River in their own estate there lived a family of retired major Petr Gavrilovich and Varvara Alexandrovna Sukhotins. Being elderly people, both of them suffered from various diseases. Once they received a miraculous healing after praying to the icon of the Mother of God “The Sign”. For their healing they vowed to arrange the convent in their estate.

The ceremonial opening of the church took place in 1822. Having constructed a few stone two-storey and one-storey buildings for the nuns in 1825 and having later donated all her estate with buildings and stone fence, an orchard and kitchen garden as well as 170 tithes to the almshouse, Varvara Alexandrovna was allowed to arrange a convent. In 1849, Sukhotinsky almshouse became the Sukhotinsky Znamenka convent of the Mother of God.       

1917 was the beginning of the hard times of atheism that took away all the splendor of Sukhotinsky convent. Only the church in honor of the Iberian icon of the Mother of God remained untouched out of the whole grand ensemble of convent churches. In Soviet times on the territory of the convent there was the children’s colony and later – a nursing home and a psychoneurologic dispensary. The administration of the dispensary used the church as a storehouse where they kept coal and unnecessary property. In 1999, the church was returned to the believers but because of its cluttered state, the services had to be held on the church porch.        

Five crosses on the church cupola were consecrated in 2003. The domes were reconstructed anew. The church got equipped with central heating.  

Surenka Str., Sukhotinka village, Znamenka district, Tambov region
+7 (915) 672-80-60
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