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Kozma Prutkov Park

Kozma Prutkov Park is located at the intersection of M. Gorky and K. Marx Streets in Tambov – in place of house №25 where Alexey Zhemchuzhnikov used to live in the beginning of the last century.

Alexey Zhemchuzhnikov was a famous Russian poet, publicist and playwright, honorary member of the Imperial Academy, one of the authors of the comic character of poet and clerk Kozma Prutkov together with Vladimir, Alexander, Lev Zhemchuzhnikovs and their cousin Alexey Tolstoy. Kozma Prutkov’s autographs and epigrams have been used by politics and intellectuals.     

House №25 was supposed to be preserved as a monument of literary Tambov but in 1989 it was demolished. Today, one of Sberbank offices with a nearby park replaced house №25.  

In the park there are twenty granite slabs with Kozma Prutkov’s quotes engraved on them. The lane starts with his most famous quote: “Look at the root of it”.  

There is a symbolic fountain in the center of the park. 9 water-jets are fixed by the sides of the central pin – according to the number of sections of Kozma Prutkov’s oeuvre. There are 108 side jets because when the park was opened it was 108 years since famous Russian poet, publicist and playwright Alexey Zhemchuzhnikov settled down in Tambov in Arapovskaya Street, called Maxim Gorky Street now.

In the evening the water in the fountain becomes iridescent.   

The intersection of M. Gorky and K. Marx Streets, Tambov
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