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Pichava Sculpture

The sculpture in Pichayevo village is devoted to the character of Mordovian epos Pichava. The Mordovian word “pichava” means “a pine woman”. The sculpture has a look of a young slim woman wearing a silk dress, accessories on her chest and hands, a Mordovian headpiece decorated with stones and a bottle of perfume tied to her belt. The pedestal reminds of pine tree roots. The total height of the monument is 3.5 m. The sculpture was installed in 2016. The sculptor is V.S. Ostrikov.    

This monument appeared in Pichayevo for a reason. Generations of villagers have been narrating the legend about a Mordovian prince of a nomadic tribe. While roaming from place to place,  this place happened to be the one where he lost his gravely ill young wife, Dubologo by name. The Prince set up a camp in the pine forest and together with his retinue he started praying to a pine tree begging for his wife’s recovery. According to the beliefs of the Mordovians, the pine tree was a symbol of strength and health. However, the prayers didn’t help the woman and she died. In grief and despair, the Prince started cutting the tree that failed to save his beloved when he suddenly saw the outlines of her figure in the bark pattern. The Prince died of grief soon. Pichava, where ancient Mordovian tribes used to settle, was later transformed into Pichayevo.    

The legend says that the monument must have been installed at the most visible place. Today, the sculpture of Pichava stands in the center of the village facing the road.

Proletarskaya Str., Pichayevo village, Pichayveo district, Tambov region
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