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Shushpanskoye reservoir

Shushpanskoye reservoir is the largest man-made water body in Tambov region. Considering its size, it’s frequently called “the sea”.

The reservoir is found at River Shushpanka which is a tributary of the Lesnoy Voronezh. The reservoir is man-made and its history goes back to the distant 40s of the XX century. During the pre-war and war years, the present-day reservoir was the area of peat production. The pit formed after the extraction works were over started accumulating waters from rains and melted snow. It was then decided to construct a dam for the huge water basin.

The total area of the reservoir is 530 hectares with an average depth of 3.3 m and maximal – 10 m. The bottom of the basin is concave. The eastern coast is not as steep as the western one. The eastern banks are sloping, partially swamped and peatified.

In winter time the reservoir freezes. The winds directed to the dam cause strong waves.

The Shushpanskoye reservoir is remarkable for the abundance of seagulls, wild ducks, and other fowl. Herons and bustards are frequent guests here. The plankton and other aquatic vegetation found near the shore create favorable conditions for fish farming.

The water basin is renown for its ample hauls. The fish here is represented by large populations of the pike, bream, crucian, roach, perch, redeye, tench, loach, ide, and silver bream.

The Shushpanskaya Pike Gastronomic Festival is held annually every July on the banks of the Shushpanskoye reservoir in Staroyuryevo village.

Staroyuryevsky district, Tambov region
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