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The Studenka River

The Studenka river originates 10 km away from Tambov. Numerous springs flow into the river that’s why its water is always cold. Even on the hottest days, the temperature is under 8 degrees. This fact explains the name of the river that comes from the Russian word “studyonaya” meaning “very cold”.   

The Studenka is about 3 km long. The water in the river is high-quality with nice taste and low salinity. Natural filters purifying the river water are the reason. Sand and clay under the water table are the natural filters that save it from salts that make the water “hard”. The water tastes similar to the one in the mountainous springs.   

In the XIX century, it was decided to use the Studenka water as tap water. A reservoir was created on the river in 1885. Even at present, some Tambov streets are supplied with water from the reservoir. The water had been supplied free of charge for the first 2 months before they started charging people for it. Only low-income citizens could still have it for free.

The Studenka can be found in the forest in Tambov suburbs: 1 km to the north from Tambov Regional Tuberculosis Dispensary and 2.3 km to the north from Georgiyevsky village in Tambov district. 

Tambov district, Tambov region
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