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The Kersha

The Kersha is not a deep river but it is famous for its scenic views and rich catch. The narrow river makes twists and turns between the steep banks and carries its waters along the sloping water meadows. At some places, the river banks are so steep that it reminds of a mountain river running at the bottom of a canyon. In the area of Pakhotny Ugol village, the river becomes shallow while flowing along the ravine and forms a two-meter waterfall.      

The name “Kersha” is curious enough on its own. Local history experts believe that it has Baltic origin and means “a damp place”. The root “ker” in the name of the river is most likely linked to the common in Ryazan oblast form ker’ which means “a settlement”.

The river boasts its pike, perch, bream, roach, bleak, spined loach, verkhovka, gudgeon, dace, and chub.  

Here you might also see the bystryanka (Alburnoides bipunctatus) listed in the Red Book of the Russian Federation as an extinction species. 

Bondari district, Tambov region
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