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Тамбовская область

The old building of the nonclassical secondary school (boarding school) was built in 1900. The street where it was located was known as Tambovo-Saratovskaya Street as the Saratov road passed here.

Despite the differences in the ornamentation of the western and eastern parts, which proves the fact of a time gap in their construction, the building still represents an integral structure. The interest here is centered on a slightly protruding central part crowned with a high fronton of intricate brickwork. The profiled cornice and head moldings are artfully designed.

Originally, the building belonged to the nonclassical secondary school that was housed here in 1908-1918. Its students were children of different social groups but mainly children of merchants, traders, priests, and doctors because the tuition fee was quite high – nearly 100 rubles per year.

In Soviet years, it was Young Communist International 2nd-stage school. The building was occupied by Kirsanov normal school in 1931-1955. Later, there was school №4 that changed its status in 1956 for a boarding school.

One of the graduates of Kirsanov non-classical school was Alexander Antonov. His family moved to Kirsanov in the late 90s of the XIX century. Antonov is known as the leader of the “Antonovshchina” movement.

19, Krasnoarmeyskaya Str., Kirsanov, Tambov region
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