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Тамбовская область
Доступная среда

The one-dome church with a spacious vestibule and a belfry was built according to the project developed by architect A. Mikhailov in 1819-1825 with the financial support of parishioners, although a local legend claims that some unknown merchant-philanthropist contributed a great deal into the construction process. The bricks for the future church were made right here to be then fired with gum. Workers added raw eggs to the lime used for brick setting. Decorated with a beautiful iconostasis, the church opened its doors in 1825. In 1876, the church in the neighboring village of Poletayevo was assigned to the Intercession church in Kalinovka. Back then, Poletayevo was headed by priests from Kalinovka.

The church of the Intercession used to have its own lands, a parish school, and a choir.

However, the parish school became a state one after the revolution. The domes were demolished, the iconostasis – destroyed, and the church building itself was transformed into a granary and a tractor repair shop.       

The services resumed only after the Great Patriotic War, in 1946. From then on, the services have been successfully going on in the oldest church of Tokaryovka district. The church of the Intercession has been recognized as a monument of architecture. The most valuable sacred objects in the church are the icon of the Lord Jesus Christ in the opening icon case, “The Man of Sorrows” icon with a particle of the Holy Sepulcher, a reliquary with Virgin Mary's Cincture, the icon of the venerable Seraphim of Sarov with a particle of the cover from his holy relics.

Kalinovka village, Tokaryovka district, Tambov region
+7 (915) 671-38-97
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