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Тамбовская область
The square named after I. Michurin

Michurinsk once started with its Michurin square. Last century there was the main church of the town – The Intercession Cathedral. The wooden cathedral was being built together with the fortress. Naturally, the frist wooden church was rebuilt multiple times and bacame a stone cathedral in 1837. It has one central dome and five cupolas, rich interior decorations, precious church utensils and the main sacred object of the town – the icon of the Mother of God “The God Loving”. The sound of the 3610-pound bell could be heard all over the town. 

Although in 1925, The Intercession Cathedral  was registered as a monument of church antiquity and architecture, in 1936 it was taken apart and the bricks were used to build the Octyabr cinema not far from the church.   

This is how the cathedral vanished from the square and that’s how it had remained so many years. In 1950, by the 15th anniversary of the great biologist and breeder’s death, it was decided to erect a monument to Michurin in the center of the square. That was when the currently existing ensemble of the square was put together. Today, various town events are held in Michurin square.

Michurin square, Michurinsk
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