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The steam engine in Muchkapsky

A rare exhibit – ER-791-47 steam engine is installed at Privokzalnaya Square in small Muchkapsky settlement. This kind of cars produced in 1912-1957 was used on the railroads in Russia until the middle of the 80s. The total number of such machines is 3 266 pieces. The engine was transported from Belgorod and give as a gift to the district center. 

A reasonable question – Why would anyone install such huge monument in a small settlement? The answer is simple. The monument commemorates Russian poet Boris Pasternak who used to travel through Muchkap in 1917. And here he wrote his famous poems “The flies of Muchkap tearoom”, “Muchkap” and other poems that made him globally-famous.

There’s a theory that the railroad through Muchkap land was one of Stalin’s possible routes to Teheran in 1943. Muchkap could be Gagarin’s transfer station on his way to Balashov too. In this case the steam engine is some kind of a reminder that many famous people passed by this place in the past.

Stantsionnaya Str., Muchkapsky settlement, Tambov region
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