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The monument to the Soldiers of Law and Order

The solemn and mournful monument is installed in Pervomayskaya Square in Tambov. The monument to the Soldiers of Law and Order was opened on November, 10th, 1999, to perpetuate the memory of Tambov police officers killed in the course of duty. The broken cast-iron ring with bronze doves flying up to the sky sits on the granite pedestal. The ring-shaped composition symbolizes the eternity of life with the broken part interrupting the process. The ring was made somewhat bent intentionally to showcase the unnatural departure. The doves rushing to the sky symbolize the souls of the deceased police officers.       

The monument was made by “Polimermash” plant. Some of their products included the equipment for the production of tires. That’s why the monument is sometimes called the monument to a tire. 

Pervomayskaya Square is a public garden stretching along Sovetskaya Street limited by Astrakhanskaya and Friedrich Engels Streets. The history of this place is very curious. One of Tambov churches, St. Barbara church, was located in the square until 1935. The stone church was built in 1806 as a quadrangle one-dome church with porticos and a bell tower. The church was the center of the southern part of Tambov. 

Pervomayskaya Square, Tambov, Tambov region
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