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The Monument to the Feat of Medics

The monument installed near Museum of History of Medicine is dedicated to the feat of medics during World War II. The authors of the monument are sculptor and Honored Artist of RSFSR K.Malofeyev and architects A.Kulikov and O.Bystrozorova. The monument was opened in 1985 on the 40th anniversary of the Victory.

The subject of the monument was chosen intentionally. It depicts one of the war episodes – a nurse is helping a wounded soldier among the ruins of the destroyed house. The sculpture does not have a pedestal as it was replaced with the horizontal plate of the memorial placed a the level of human height. It reveals the author’s idea to emphasize the national recognition of every person who shared love and mercy with the ones in need during the terrible times. The monument glorifies those who carried wounded soldiers and officers from the battle filed regardless of the deadly dangers of the enemy’s fire; those who who did their duties in operating rooms at sleepless nights; those who gave all their strenghts and warmth of their hearts sharing their patients‘ pain and sufferings.

The nurse holds a wounded soldier on her lap who she has just carried away from the fire of the battle field. “Sestryonka” (Russian for “little sister”) is the title of the monument paying tribute to fragile but courageous girls who saved soldiers and transported them to hospitals for further treatment.   

The polished granite surface of the monument says: “To the feat of medics in Great Patriotic War, 1941-1945”.

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