The Kipets lake

The reservoir is a natural attraction and monument. The lake is truly unique. The reservoir is a part of Voroninsky natural state reserve. The total area of the lake is 50 hectares. 

The lake is surrounded by the pinery with a forest edge located on the sand uphill, 6 m above the level of the lake. Today the lake is habited by rare species of animals included into the Red List of endangered species such as purple herons, swans, common herons, several spieces of ducks and other birds. The lake is a home to a number of fish species like the bream, the perch, the dace and the crucian carp.   

The history of the lake formation is interesting too. Supposedly, the Parevka river started forming a debris cone opposite its confluence into the Vorona river. The debris cones being the earth dams elevated the water level and as a result formed two lakes – the Ramza and the Kipets. The Kipets was formed out of the small river flowing out of the Ramza lake. The Vyazhly river changed its course and flew into the Ramza lake elevating its water level forming a channel flowing into the Kipets. 

In 2003, a Neolithic settlement was discovered on the lakeshore. 

Inzhavino district, Tambov region
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