The stone winter cross-shaped church with no bell tower was built at the expense of landowner M. Kikina and consecrated on August 16, 1862. According to local old-timers, the construction initially was a chapel which the landlady planned to be the burial place for her relatives and the place to hold religious ceremonies. At the beginning of the XX century (around 1903-1905), a side altar was added to the chapel which also got its dome, a belfry, and a church porch.

Despite the Soviet power taking over, church services continued here until 1936. After that, the church was reorganized into a local village hall operating until 2003. Right here, there was also a community center and a library.

The building was returned to believers in 2003. The church regained its dome after the reconstruction. At present, the church is not available for visits as it is being renovated.

32, Tsentralnaya Usadba Str., Maly Snezhetok village, Pervomaysky district, Tambov region
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