St. Nicholas church in Lychnoye

The first record of the church in Lychnoye village dates back to 1676. During 1847-1853, a new stone church with two altars was built instead of the former wooden one. The main altar was consecrated in honor of the Resurrection of Christ while the side one – in honor of St. Nicholas. The new church was designed in the classical style: the tholobate under the flat dome on the cubic base decorated with four-columned porticos, with extensive apse and refectory. The facades of the church and bell tower are decorated with column imitations. The three-level bell tower is crowned with a spire-like dome.  

Following the regulation of the collective farmers‘ meeting, the church was closed in 1937. In 1995, it was returned to Tambov diocese of the Russian Orthodox Church in a tumbledown state. The divine services were resumed soon enough. At present, the church has only one altar – in honor of St. Nicholas. 

Lychnoye village, Pervomaysky district, Tambov region
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