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The museum in Staraya Kazinka

Staraya Kazinka is a small village in Michurinsk district of Tambov region. The village started as a country estate belonging to the Rakhmaninovs. The father of Tambov branch of Rakhmaninov family was Iyevly Kuzmich Rakhmaninov, the tsarist stolnik settled in Staraya Kazinka in 1727. The famous descendants of the Staraya Kazinka family were a famous educator of the 18th century, interpreter and publicist Ivan Gerasimovich Rakhmaninov; a Russian mathematician, professor and rector of Kiev University, Ivan Ivanovich Rakhmaninov; a famous musician and composer Sergey Vasilyevich Rakhmaninov.         

In 1793, Ivan Gerasimovich Rakhmaninov founded the first in Russia village printing house where five translated volumes of French philosopher Voltair’s works were printed. Besides, the printing house published a satirical magazine.

Nothing has remained of the former estate by this time. It was destroyed during the Soviet years and a school replaced the former manor house.  

Based in the school building, the museum of Staraya Kazinka village was opened in 1995. The museum has two expositions: “The culture and everyday life of the peasants living in Staraya Kazinka village of Kozlov uyezd” showcasing the peasant’s daily routine of the 19th century, and “Staraya Kazinka as an educator and book publisher I.G. Rakhmaninov’s country estate” comprised of the books, printing items and other objects that once belonged to the noble family.    

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