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Museum in Dubovoye village

The museum in Dubovoye village is located in the building of the former manor house owned by the Oblovs until 1917. The manor house striking with its elegant carved elements was built in 1861.

The museum was founded in 1989. Today 4 halls of the museum keep the materials telling the history of the village before the revolution, the years of WWII, veterans and homefront workers, modern history and people who made the village famous at different times in different fields.      

The museum collection is quite diverse. The ethnographic collection including objects of peasant household and culture of the late 19th – early 20th centuries is quite curious. Especially valuable are the two icons from the village church destroyed in the 1950s. During the Soviet years they were treasured in the families of the village and were later donated to the museum. One of the unique exhibits of the museum is a peasant woman’s wedding dress of the early 20th century.    

Another interesting exposition is devoted to the reconstruction of the church of St. Michael the Archangel. Here you will see unique photos of the church built in 1811 and its miraculous rebirth.

The exhibition called “The Generation Scorched by the War” tells about the Dubovoye villagers, the veterans of WWII. Among the exhibits are the official documents and decorations of the veterans and homefront workers. 

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