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The Museum of the Sock

"Here everyone knits, both old and young!", - these words are very likely to be found in every tourist booklet and reviews of the travelers who visited the town. Both Rasskazovo hand-made and machine-made socks are very popular among tourists. In 2013 in honor of their “warm trade”, Rasskazovo citizens decided to establish the only mini-museum of the knitted sock in the country. Visitors of the museum will be able to follow the history of knitting development in town – from a spinning wheel and old crochets to a modern knitting machine. The museum was created from a scratch – Rasskazovo people have contributed most of the exhibits. The oldest socks in the museum are 80 years old – a present from Voronezh citizens; the biggest exhibit is a 130-meter sock knitted by the visitors of International Pokrov trade fair in 2012; the smallest sock is just 5 cm long. The collection also includes unusual and unique pieces: glamourous ones decorated with rhinestones and beads, installation socks, knitted toys etc. You can purchase traditional socks made by Rasskazovo skilled men right in the museum.

Every year Rasskazovo celebrates Sock Holiday. Rasskazovo people gather to remember the origins of the craft, to show their knitted masterpieces and to compete for the title of the fastest knitter. The holiday helps to collect more museum pieces.

12, Pushkin Str., Rasskazovo
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