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A. N.Verstovsky museum

In small Staroyuryevo village there is a modest museum named after one of the most famous Russian vocal composer of the 19th century, an author of romantic ballads and love songs – Alexey Nikolayevich Verstovsky.

Verstovsky was born on February, 18th, 1799 in Rastov Sad Country Estate of Tambov province which is currently located on the territory of Staroyuryevo district of present-day Tambov region. This museum was opened in memory of the famous native.     

Today the museum possesses more than 2 000 exhibits. The permanent exposition includes 12 active exhibitions and is located in five halls. The main exhibition tells the story of Verstovsky’s life in photos, letters and books. The collection of musical instruments is worth of your attention too. Other museum halls are devoted to the history of Staroyuryevo district. Here you will see authentic objects of the late 19th – early 20th centuries such as Staroyuryevo traditional costume, tools, tableware. A part of the exposition narrates about distinguished natives who accomplished a feat of labor or arms. 

The most “ancient” exhibits of the museum are the ones in the showcase telling about the archeological excavations of Staroyuryevo barrows near Chugunovka village. These are the fragments of ceramics, silicic spalls, a photo of a buried man and psalium.

The museum arranges temporary exhibitions of paintings and handicraft items from the funds of regional museums and private collections, as well as literary and musical evenings on the occasion of A. N.Verstovsky’s birthday.

3 A, Kommunalnaya Str., Staroyuryevo village, Staroyuryevo district, Tambov region
+7 (47543) 4-10-61
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