E. A. Boratynsky Museum

The museum is situated in the only remaining building of Mara Estate inseparably linked with Evgeny Boratynsky’s life and creative work.

The Boratynsky Museum is housed in a unique monument of architecture – a noble estate built at the end of the 18th century and owned by three generations of the poet’s descendants until 1918.

Little Boratynsky, the future great Russian poet, spent his childhood years in Sofinka village. This country seat, located not far from Kirsanov, was granted to the poet’s father, Major General A.A. Boratynsky for his outstanding service to the country. The estate became a center of Russian culture, a focus of scientific and cultural life, a place that kept attracting a great number of famous personalities like writer N.F. Pavlov, engineer and baron A.I. Delvig, poet and translator A.D. Boratynskaya, the poet’s friend N.V. Chicherin, painter E.A. Dmitriyev-Mamonov, diplomat N.I. Krivtsov and many others who used to visit the estate over the years.

The spellbinding estate was once complemented by a wonderful park designed in a regular style: the symmetrical axial plan was emphasized by the central linden alley while the arrangement of the flower beds, apparently, complied with the geometrical order. 

The museum display includes a memorial collection of Boratynsky’s personal items: a blotting pad, a lamp, books, some pieces of furniture from the poet’s house in Kazan and Kaymary, the paintings purchased by the poet in Italy, the watercolors painted by his daughter, A.A. Delvig’s personal things, a collection of A.K. Kazem-Bek’s memorial items (photos, letters, books, documents and other) who was a reputed Russian orientalist, the lifetime portrait of L.N. Tolstoy by K.N. Boratynskaya, the poet’s granddaughter, the autographs of A.M. Gorky, S.A. Rachinsky, V. Bonch-Bruyevich, N. Obukhova, A.M. Zhemchuzhnikova, the works by the painters of Kazan art school of the early 20th century – A. Fomin, N. Sapozhnikova, A. Denisov and many other exhibits.

The museum collection also includes a part of “The Boratynskies’ Kazan archive” – the manuscripts, documents, books, photos, drawings, epistolary legacy of the poet’s descendants who lived in Kazan and Kazan province, rare editions of the 19th century, the items of everyday life and ethnography of the 19th-20th centuries. This is how the museum halls filled with comfort and warmth have united Golden and Silver Ages of Russian poetry. 

Sofinka village, Umet district, Tambov region
+7 (47553) 2-78-05
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