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The moose family

More than 50 years ago this monument looked different: a lone moose was greeting proudly the staff and guests of the farm located nearby. The peculiar trade mark of the enterprise was installed in the 60s of the 20th century and looked like a figure of the animal cast in concrete. However, the horns were real.       

The scenic area in Tambov suburbs was loved by mushroomers, tourists and newlyweds. It had become a tradition to come here right after the wedding ceremony to put flowers, drink a glassof champagne and take photos.   

As years went by, the animal had lost its horns and the whole monument had got noticeably time-worn. The monument underwent reconstruction in 2011. The proud animal settled down to “married life“ and got new horns this time made of concrete. The color of the composition has changed too. The single moose used to be white. But the now the family is colored in light-ochreous to match the background.

K1, Suburban forestry, Tambov forestry enterprise, Tambov region
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