Доступная среда
Kronstadt Square

The square is located near the Tsna river canal, between Kronstadtskaya and Leningradskaya Streets. The history of the square dates back to the construction of the first wooden church of the Intercession of the Virgin Mary at the Tsna riverbank. The building of the church started at the same time as the construction of Tambov fortress itself. In 1763, a new stone church joined the old wooden one. The new church is still standing there today. A bell tower of a tent-shaped type in Russian- Byzantine style was built next to the church. The area in front of the church, that later became the square, was rapidly filled with church people’s graves and turned into a cemetery that had been functioning until 1800.        

Before the revolution there was a cross installed and any construction works were prohibited. After the revolution, the square had to survive one of the darkest moments of its history. In the beginning of the 1920s, there was a concentration camp for the participants of Antonov’s mutiny and peasants‘ war in Tambov. There was mass shootings in the camp.  

In Soviet times, Kronstadt Square was rearranged into a sports ground that later gave way to the public green space – Sochi Square. There is a large fountain in the center of the square, walkways and alleys, several flowerbeds. In November, 2007, there was a monument to a Tambov man erected, and on the 25th anniversary of Chernobyl NPP tragedy – a memorial of the victims of nuclear catastrophes. Two stone slabs of the monument have a stone ball between them that symbolizes a bursting atom.    

Kronstadt Square, Tambov
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