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Kazan church in Petrovka

The church of Kazan icon of the Mother of God in old Petrovka village is one of the oldest churches not only in the district but in Tambov land too. The wooden one-altar summer-time church in honor of Kazan icon of the Mother of God was built in 1894 with the parishioners’ money. The icons for the new church were purchased with the funds of the landowner whose name has been lost. His grave is located on the church premises.   

The center of the small church complex is a low quadrangular frame bearing an octagon crowned with a dome-shaped roof and bulbous dome. From the west it is joined by a small refectory and two-level steepled bell tower with bulbous dome. On the outside the church is covered with boards and painted in pale blue colors. The lacy carved patterns on the cornices give it some special lightness and airiness. The church is built in the shape of a cross with a large vestibule with no murals. The ceiling paintings are now painted over. There is an image of four evangelists, the icon of the Annunciation and the icon of the Savior on the Sanctuary doors. On the northern doors there is the icon of the Blessed Virgin while on the southern ones – preacher Moses with stone tablets with the Ten Commandments of the Lord.  

In the 1930s Kazan church was closed and Soviet authorities tried to destroy it multiple times. Since 1939 the divine services hadn’t been held in the church, the bells were taken off, the icons were collected by the parishioners and taken home. During the World War II years the authorities ordered to destroy the church by taking it apart for building materials for the household needs. The church was saved by a truly heroic man – the chairman of “Tambovskaya Pravda” collective farm – Ivan Tetenev. At first the authorities needed the roofing iron from the church roof. But the chairman collected the iron from almost all village buildings and left the church untouched. After the order to dismantle the church for building materials by removing the boards from the church floor, Ivan Tetenev, provided wood, boards and nails but the church remained untouched again.   

The church was reopened in 1946 and since then it was never closed. In 1993, the church went through the reconstruction works: the domes, church crosses, boarding and roof have been replaced. 

Petrovka village, Sampur district, Tambov region
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