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The fountains of Tambov

Almost all them were built or reconstructed during recent years. Some of them are equipped with beautiful night lighting. The areas near the fountains are very popular among Tambov citizens and tourists. Many fountains have become the visiting cards of the town and favourite sites for photo- and videoshoots. Currently in Tambov there are more than 20 fountains.   

The illuminated musical fountains in the park near Lenin square has become Tambov people‘s favourite place to have a good time. The fountains here were called “singing” ones. Two lighted musical fountains placed symmetrically from the centre of the park, stretched along Internatsionalnaya Street, are its decorations. The water streams of the fountains dance to the music coming from the speakers fixed nearby. At night the streams are painted in colors by the LED lamps fixed in the fountains.         

The fountain in Sochi Park. The sky-blue base of the fountain gives it the feeling of airiness. The water streams look like threads of pearl on this blue background

The floating fountain in the Tsna river. The opening ceremony of this floating fountain was timed to the 375th anniversary of Tambov foundation. The water streams gush quite high right out of the river. The new fountain consists of five cascades and equipped with the beautiful night lighting.  

The floating projection fan-shaped fountain opposite the Bridge of Lovers. The fountain forms a thick veil in the shape of a fan made of splashes and water drops sparayed by two high-powered sprayers. The gem of this fountain is the unique system of lazer videoprojection of images right onto the water veil. The system allows to project static images on the water wall as well as videos.       

The fountain in the Aseyevs‘ estate. The founain right in front of the main entrance to the mansion always attracts people’s attention. The fountain is a multiphase one with dynamic lighting. The marble copy of the Venus de‘ Medici statue reigns over all the fountain area.

Tambov, Tambov region
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