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Eparchial women’s school

The history of Tambov eparchial women’s school started in 1863 when a religious school for orphan girls from the familiyes of the clergy was opened. One of Tambov citizens, Migrina, sold her house with furniture and utensils as well as her garden and outhouses for a fair amount of money to the diocesan administration for the needs of the school. At first, the admission of female students took place once every two years. Three-grade education lasted six years because the students studied the curriculum of each grade for two years. Initially, the girls were taught household management and needlework. Later new subjects were introduced into the curriculum: Church History, Theory of Literature, History of Literature, Geometry, Physics and Pedagogics.          

As the number of students grew, it was decided to build a new building in 1884. 20 more years later they added the building of the domestic church consecrated in honor of the Nativity of the Mother of God. Time passed and a new building appeared built under architect V. Fraimann’s project. This last building completed the whole architectural complex of the school.

The three-storey building of the former eparchial school that stands in front of us has remained without any changes since 1911. The façade has been formed out of separate parts. The first floor is noticeable due to the elements of its décor, the shapes of windows, window-frames and cornices on the other floors are common for each individual parts of the façade. The main entrance located in the central part of the first floor is decorated with a portico. The eastern end wall has a two-storey extension added to it where the domestic church used to be found.     

There were more than 700 girls studying at the school in 1914. Almost 1900 girls had already graduated from it by that time. After graduation most girls worked in parish and zemstvo schools of Tambov province. 

After the revolution the school got closed and the building was handed over to the military.

School classes for the semi-literate had been organized here since 1923 and in 1937 the building was passed on to the regional administration of NKVD. Since then and until today it has belonged to the Ministry of Internal Affairs in Tambov region.

31, F. Engels Str., Tambov, Tambov region
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