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Chicherin House Museum

The wooden one-storey building with an attic imitates the stone architecture of the first half of the 19th century. It is the place where Georgy Chicherin spent his childhood years. G. Chicherin is known as a famous Russian diplomat, historian, publicist, musician and music expert.

Before the revolution, the old wooden mansion in Russian classicism style used to be the main building of the manorial estate belonging to the Chicherin family. Now the building serves as a museum of the outstanding Soviet diplomat, the first minister for the Foreign Affairs of the USSR, Georgy Checherin. Chicherin House is a branch of Tambov local history museum.

The museum displays a great variety of documents, manuscripts, books, household items and personal belongings of the Chicherins. The museum architectural ensemble showcases the type of a typical mansion of a noble family in the 19th century. Chicherin House Museum offers various theme excursions, organizes historical and memorial exhibitions devoted to Chicherin family and its prominent members.

The noble family was famous for its developed cultural traditions. Besides his main diplomatic work, Georgy Chicherin, being an outstandingly gifted man, studied and practiced music and left behind his significant works on the theory and history of music. The museum is ready to offer its services for group and individual tours. A visit to Chicherin House Museum will surely make anyone’s leisure time diverse and will become an exciting holiday for the whole family.

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