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Merchant Shorshorov’s house

The house that used to belong to merchant Minas Shorshorov is located at the intersection of Kommunalnaya and Karl Marx Streets. The building was one of the most elegant constructions of that time. Nearby there was also one of the most reputable hotels in Tambov – “Evropeyskaya”. The hotel had 25 luxurious rooms equipped with electricity, water supply and bathrooms. The house had a hall that could fit 600 people and where literary evenings and concerts were held. The hotel also had a luxurious restaurant and billiard room.       

Rorbach’s store selling musical goods was also located in this house. One could find almost anything here: cellos, harmonium, violins, guitars, trumpets, flutes, mandolins, zithers, balalaikas, harmonics and, of course, pianos of well-known brands – Becker or Schroder. Composer Rakhmaninov was one of the customers of this store.      

Robrach’s store also offered various everyday tools like razors, knives, scissors, as well as choppers, rakers and locks. There was a good selection of kitchen utensils too - meat grinders, oil presses, machines for ice-cream making and even mechanical washing machines.    

Shorshorov himself kept only a clothing and drapery store in this house. The range of goods was wide enough. The variety of items for sale could be comapred to the one offered by capital stores but the prices were fair enough for the citizens of province.

Today the house is still occupied by stores. A part of the building includes the Museum and Exhibition Center of Tambov region. 

142/10, K. Marx Str., Tambov, Tambov region
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