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Тамбовская область
Доступная среда

This two-story brick building was built in 1887 as merchant Alipov’s mansion. Numerous service rooms made of good quality red brick adjoined the house. The year of its construction – 1887 – is laid out on the fronton.

Merchant Alipov was related to one of the most famous and richest families in Kirsanov – the Aponitskies.

Sadly, after the 1917 revolution, the owners suffered the fate of the majority of well-off families of those times. The mansion was confiscated and its owners - evicted. The Alipovs moved to a rented room in a house down Gorky Street not far from the building of the present-day public prosecutor's office.

The mansion was occupied by the military commissariat that operates here until now.

12, Sovetskaya Str., Kirsanov, Tambov region
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