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Lawyer Nazariyev’s house

Among the modern buildings in Karl Marx Street, there is a small wooden mansion – the house of a lawyer, an active public figure, a town council member, Pavel Nazariyev.

The complex of living and service buildings of the former mansion was built in the second half of the 19th century.  

The angular wooden one-storey house with an attic is very unusual in its facade decorated with the details of medieval architecture. The first owner of the house, architect Dmitry Kozyrev, was the one who designed and made a plan of the house approved by the city council in 1870.  

The house was bought by lawyer Pavel Nazariyev before the World War I, in 1913. After the October revolution the house owners were forced to crowd in one part of the house. In 1930 the house was nationalized completely and converted to the apartment housing.

The former stables were redesigned and adjusted for accommodation. At present, only the interior layout design partially remained intact – a study with a fire-place, bedrooms, nurseries, a staircase and an attic.

The building is a perfect example of wooden architecture right in the center of Tambov.

152, Karl Marx Street, Tambov, Tambov region
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