Tulinovka Dormition convent

The Dormition Convent was built according to the will of noble maiden Sophia Yakovlevna Tulinova who died in 1877. At the request of her sister, Vera Yakovlevna Ragoza, women’s community and a shelter were organized in the village in 1879. In 1880, the community was renamed into the cenobitic convent in the name of Holy Martyr Sophia. The convent included Tulinovka Dormition parish church with the remains of the convent founder, S.Y. Tulinova, by it. At that moment, the convent had 40 nuns and 20 girls in the shelter. The official opening of the convent took place on August, 28th, 1881.      

The cast-iron chapel fenced by the iron grid was erected above S.Y. Tulinova’s grave opposite the altar of the Dormition church.

The convent stopped functioning after the revolution of 1917. Almost everything that had been created by the previous generations of the Tulinovs was gone. Many convent buildings were destroyed or brought into a poor state. First, school workshops were located in the Dormition church and later – a club.  

The necropolis located on the territory of the former Dormition church was reconstructed in 1995. The divine services resumed in 1998. Gradually, the church started regaining its lost grandeur. The altar in honor of St. Nicholas the Wonder-Worker was restored in its initial place, in antechurch, in 2009. Today, the convent is not functioning.

Tulinovka village, Tambov district, Tambov region
+7 (902) 728-55-74
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