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Chapel and Holy Spring in honor of St Tikhon, Bishop of Amafunt

Upon arriving to Bolshoy Lomovis village a visitor can’t miss the chapel of St. Tikhon, Bishop of Amafunt, with the miracle-working spring next to it. A few centuries ago a priest of the local Skuratovskaya (Verkhnelomovisskaya) church of St. Michael the Archangel found the icon of St. Tikhon in this spring. Since then, the spring was considered to be miraculous. A small chapel was constructed above it. The residents of this village and their neighbours used to get together near the spring on this day. It is believed that a true believer who washes himself with the water from the spring of St. Tikhon won’t get sick for the whole year.  

Unfortunately, the miracle-working icon was lost and the chapel was destroyed in the Soviet years. But when the icon went missing, they found a wooden statue of St. Tikhon in the chapel. In 1924 the chapel keeper sold the statue to the museum of local history for a sack of grain. But, as locals say, it disappeared from there too.

Thank God, the Holy Spring has been preserved to the prresent day. The villagers reconstructed the chapel in 1993. The Holy Spring itself was equipped and revetted with natural stone in 2010. 

Bolshoy Lomovis village, Pichayevo district, Tambov region
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