Chakino agriculture technical school

Chakino agriculture technical school is one of the oldest not only in Tambov region but in Central Chernozem region. The decision to open the agriculture school in Tambov province was made in 1909. The main building of the school was built after the model of Lyons College in English romanticism style by the architect of the General Directorate for Land Management and Agriculture, Adam Dietrich. The construction was being in progress under the ready-made project of Don School (Don state agrarian university at present). The cost of the deal was 1500 rubles for the plan and 800 rubles more for the architect to travel to the construction site to evaluate it and make changes if necessary. Both buildings ended up being almost identical but there were still a few differences: Don School had its main entrance in the centre of the building while Chakino School got the second floor some time later.      

Back in the day it was a great-scale project. The construction lasted for about three years. There was a training farm organized: stables, a piggery, a cowhouse, a grainery, a small power station with two engines, a nursery and a botanic park of 7 hectares.       

More than 20 000 specialists have graduated from the technical school since it was opened. Some of the graduates became prominent scientists, like Pavel Yakovlev, a 1920 graduate, Doctor of agriculture, professor, I.V. Michurin’s student and his closest follower.  

Unlike Don School, Chakino school wasn’t as lucky. The technical school was closed in 2013 and today this grand building is waiting for its new owner.

23, Tsentralnaya Str., Chakino settlement, Rzhaksa district, Tambov region
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