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The Bondar Star

There is a unique natural attraction on the territory of Bondar district, not far from Krivopolyaniye village. It is a memorial pine plantation in a five-pointed star shape in the area of 5 hectares in honor of the 50th anniversary of the October Revolution.

The giant figures and inscriptions in the form of trees planted in a certain way were a common tradition in the USSR for all the important occasions. One can see such inscriptions as "Lenin's 100th birthday", "The USSR 50", "Glory of the CPSU", "The 50th anniversary of the October", "The 40th anniversary of the Victory" etc.

In 1967, by the 50th anniversary of the October Revolution, Bondar forestry plant undertook the project of planting pine trees in the shape of the sickle and hammer on 5 hectare territory. Pine seedlings and necessary machines were transported to the site of the proposed planting by the beginning of the planting season. However, the foresters faced certain difficulties in the planting process. It turned out that it was impossible to plow the shape of the sickle and hammer on such vast territory. Instead, it was decided to plant the trees in the shape of a huge star.

Back in 1967 there was no high-precision equipment, that's why the star was drawn on paper first and measured by steps while making cuts in the field to mark the places of the future trees. No one knew what the result would be until the workers saw a bird's eye view of their work. The calculations were carried out with such precision that the star surprises with its regular shape even now.

In 1979 the star was taken under protection as a natural monument. The Bondar Star is the only preserved monument of that sort.

Bondar district, Tambov region
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