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Alekseyevskaya church

In 1799, sisters Varvara and Elizaveta Kaysarovy founded a church and a park on the hill in the southern part of Alexeyevka (Baylovka) village. The architectural design was ordered in St. Petersburg. The construction had lasted for 10 years. The undertaking started by the Kaysarovy sisters was continued by their sister landowner Paraskeva Lanskaya, colonel Lanskoy’s niece. The colonel was N. Goncharova’s second husband after the death of A.S. Pushkin. The funds for the construction works were coming from the landlady and local peasants. In 1809, three-altar church of Alexy, Metropolitan of Moscow and All Russia, was built together with the side altars of St. Nicholas of Myra and the Holy Great Martyr George the Victorious. Alexeyevskaya church was one of the first ones built in rotunda shape.               

After the revolution the manor house was destroyed and the church was brought to ruin. At first it was used as a granary and later it was transformed into a tractor workshop. Time passed and the church continued decaying under the influence of rains, winds and cold temperatures, losing its interior decor – paintings, plasterwork and brickwork. In 2011, the church was restored for the believers – reconstruction process began. Divine services began to be held too.

2nd Baylovka village, Pichaevo district, Tambov region
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